So frequently, we, Japanese, are said that we did not apologize to Korea at all, no or few compensation to them.

So, what is this?
At that time, Japan paid $800,000,000.
After that, according to the following site;
Official Development Assistance until 1998, the total is;
Gift free financial corporation: $233,840,000.
Technology Corporation: $913,720,000.
Government Loan expenditure total: $3,601,540,000.
Japan had paid no compensation? Too few for Koreans?

Some other figures;
The following table is the ODA expenditure from 1969 to 2009, to Korea only. The unit is million dollars.

スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 21.47.25
スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 21.47.40

Well, my parents subscribed to Asahi Shimbun, which reported that wartime Japanese man kidnapped Korean women, to work at wartime Japanese military brothels. Unfortunately, I myself believed this story felt ashamed on us being Japanese. But, at last, the story found to be a forgery.

Slaves? or expicitation? On the contrary, in this ads to recruit “comfort woman,” it says “more than 300yen per year.”
スクリーンショット 2017-07-03 22.06.06

In those days, average Japanese soldiers had been paid 7 to 11yen per month. Actually comfort women are paid approx 30yen per month according to the following site (in Japanese). Are they slaves?  How much do American slaves had been paid before the American Civil War?

Actually, some of them had been kidnapped, according to the following site (in Japanese);
In this page, it is said, “according to the annual statistics report of Governor-General of Korea, illegal brokers had been arrested, and the number is 2,482 Koreans and 24 Japanese in 1935, 1,699 Koreans and 10 Japanese in 1938, and 1,464 Koreans and 16 Japanese in 1940.”
Who kidnapped? Japanese or Koreans?

200,000 comfort women? Borrowing the explanation in the above site(in Japanese);
In some history textbook (like in McGraw-Hill’s), they say, “those comfort women served 20 to 30 Japanese soldiers a day.”  Well, the fee is;
soldiers: 6:00~16:00 — 1.5yen.
officers: 16:00~17:00 — 3.0yen.
High level officers 17:00~24:00 — 6.0yen.
How much did those women earn a day? If there had been 200,000 comfort women and served 20 to 30 times a day, there must had been 4,000,000 to 6,000,000 intercourse a day. In 1943, approx. 1,000,000 Japanese soldiers had been dispatched overseas. It means, one soldier had had 4 to 6 intercourse a day! Iron people! Soldiers had been paid only 7 to 11 yen a month, but paying 6 to 9 yen a day to buy comfort! Where did those money come from? Please explain, so that we, most Japanese could understand.

Regarding what China says, about Nanjing Massacre,
It says, “China’s official estimate is more than 300,000 dead based on the evaluation of the Nanjing War Crimes Tribunal in 1947.”
So, where are those bones or hairs remain? Well, bones are frequently decayed and disappear, but hairs remain even in the Papua New Guinea jungles, where I assisted Japanese Government project of collecting remaining bones of Japanese soldiers. They should show the evidence of the basis of the number.
When Japan had lost the war, we had lost chances to claim the number of our own records, and so frequently Japanese claims had been ignored. Some photos had been taken in the different site, and used as the evidence, this too pointed by some Japanese so-called “right-wing nationalists,” but please check the primary materials on which they are based on.  So many other primary materials are shown in the Web sites, but it is sad that most of them are in Japanese only. I feel China is doing well in the history in politics. And I am strongly wondering who had plotted the forgery.  I myself had been trapped in the forgery so many years.


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